Photo of what Cambrian and Ordovician land could have looked like.


Artist's impression of Ordovician fauna and flora.

This is a complete list of Ordovician animals
and Ordovician plants whose remains have been recovered from Scandinavia.



Conservation status Location Diet Notes
Cameroceras (Hypothetical synonym with Endoceras) Extinct or lost Dalarna (Sweden) Carnivore
200402 127612 2 012

Reconstruction of Cameroceras.

Endoceras sp. Extinct or lost Dalarna (Sweden) Carnivore

Artist's impression of Endoceras.

Orthoceratite (Orthoceras Regulare) Extinct or lost Dalarna (Sweden) Carnivore
Orthoceras BW

Artist's impression of Orthoceras.

Subulites sp. Extinct or lost Dalarna (Sweden) Unknown

Photo of Subulites sp.

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