Scandic Rex

Temporal range: Late Cretaceous to Late Holocene, 145-0 Ma


Artist's impression of a tyrannosaurid dinosaur.

Scientific classification


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
clade: Dinosauria
clade: Theropoda
clade: Coelurosauria
Superfamily: †Tyrannosauroidea Osborn, 1906

This page is dedicated to the currently undescribed tyrannosaurid dinosaur from Sweden. Not much is known about this predator.


Paleontologists in Kristianstad in Skåne, Sweden, discovered teeth from an unknown species of theropod dinosaur, a tyrannosauroid, which they suppose is closely related to the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex and it's smaller cousin genus Albertosaurus. [1][2]


This undescribed tyrannosaurid supposedly lived during the Late Cretaceous period in southern Sweden. It might have been hunting animals such as Saichania, Iguanodon and ceratopsians such as Leptoceratops or the undescribed ceratopsian.


When the inland sea retreated Kristianstad became a small desert, this might have been where some of these animals lived, and hunted. It's possible it might also have lived and hunted in more temperate forests and near water sources.


Some people believe this animal died out around 80 million years ago, or during the Cretaceous/Tertiary-extinction event 65.5 million years ago, while others believe that the animals survived much longer than that. Some people believe that climate change could have been an important factor for the animals extinction, but this idea isn't supported by the necessary evidence needed, also the fact that it has been proved that dinosaurs could survive in any climate also contradict this climate change idea. No evidence for the extinction theory currently exists, and therefore it cannot be stated as a fact.

Recent survivorsEdit

The ancient Viking tribes were well acquainted with giant reptiles they called "dragons". One such type was a giant two legged reptile that killed with it's large mouth full of knife-like teeth since it's arms were too little to use. It sounds exactly like a Tyrannosaurus to many scholars and researchers. Another creature was described as being about the size of a Cow, with strong back legs and short front arms, and with a head full of teeth, this creature could jump onto it's prey like a frog (though this description also fits maniraptorans like Dromaeosauroides). In Denmark, around 503-515 A.D., in the epic poem of "[[Beowulf]]" there was a monster called [[Grendel]] which was described as just like a tyrannosaur, an out of this world beast which killed with it's large mouth when the arms were of no use, it devoured many men, and when the beast and it's mother had been slain by king Beowulf, they brought it's head back to their camp, but they needed about five men to carry the large head.[3] If this is true, then this undescribed tyrannosaurid probably still survived in unexplored areas of Denmark (and possibly Sweden) until very recently in history and prehistory.